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Meat tastes like murder, and murder tastes pretty goddamned good.

With a gun barrel between your teeth, you speak only in vowels.

{rude and not ginger}

xenylamine (xen·yl·amine), p-aminobiphenyl (p-ami·no·bi·phen·yl);
a nitrogen-substituted arylamine formerly used in dye-making and certain other industrial processes; because of its toxicity and carcinogenicity, it is now used mainly to induce cancer in laboratory animals.


league of legends; *add me and msg me for a game*
Katsugaru, CryogenicLimbo (smurf)

tera online; RETIRED!
Serpentis Isle; Equilibrium (mystic), Suckpump (berserker), Spectrum (sorcerer), Marlene (lancer), Phlogiston (warrior), Philomela (slayer), Xeraphin (priest), Clematis (archer)

Laethys; Aziraphale (storm trooper), Toclafane (necromancer), Gallifrey (cabalist), Noroeva (huntard o_@;)

world of warcraft; RETIRED!
Zul'jin; Katsugaru (main; destro warlock), Oresama (frost/blood death knight), Zixi (holy/shadow priest), Sfogliatelle (feral druid), Apatheia (holy/ret paladin), Aokigahara (resto/elemental shaman), Umanami (marks hunter), Harenchi (arcane/frost mage), Sharaku (assassination rogue), Debilitate (prot/fury warrior)
Rexxar; Pasticiotti (resto/balance druid), Ataraxia (prot paladin)

maplestory; RETIRED!
Bera; xenylamine (main; 7x I/L mage), thiotepa (3x hunter) // Guild; AbortClear
Bellocan; dronabinol (2x warror)
Khaini; azaserine (1x archer), ferricyanide (1x magician)
Kradia; ChuuNyuu (1x permanent beginner)

blog crews;
[Clow & YuukoCLAMP'ships]

Severus Snape - Death Eater! Slytherin

Draco Malfoy at a really awesome HP blog crew.

I am Zaphod Beeblebrox, Hercule Poirot, and Hamlet
at the Literary Characters Blog Crew!

D<Join the smilie crew?


|| TSUBASA IMAI || asked for MY number on my BIRTHDAY~!!

Blame it on [ ARASHI ] if I end up in HELL
for having dirty thoughts and doing nasty things.

* dragcave scroll
* valenth feeding thread

Emperor Commodus at villainy_stamp
Zetsu at akatsuki_stamp
Kisame is my match at akatsuki_stamp
Kakashi at ninjafy
Sano at ag_rating
Kyouya at ouran_stampingz
Sunako and Takenaga at pge_mirror
Yuuko at clampxxxholic
Youko Kurama at yuyu_rating
Yozak and Anissina at kkm_rating
Chase at house_stamped
Ruki at gaze_rating
Snape at stamped_hp
Bill Weasley is my HP match at stamped_hp
Snape at hh_stamping
Snape at diffindo_stamp

Sorted into Slytherclaw at diffindo_elite

Resorted into Slytherin at hogwartsishome (was Ravenclaw)
I am a Komodo Dragon animagus at hogwartsishome
Mad Scientist Award at hogwartsishome (Term VIII)
Scales and Feathers Award at hogwartsishome (Term VIII)
Snarkiest HiHer at hogwartsishome (Term VIII)
Ravenclaw’s Highest-Flier at hogwartsishome (Term IX)
Scales and Feathers Award at hogwartsishome (Term IX)
Future Dark Lord/Lady at hogwartsishome (Term IX)
Most House Pride at hogwartsishome (Term IX)
Fred and George Award at hogwartsishome (Term IX)
Snarkiest HiHer at hogwartsishome (Term IX)
Most Likely to Kill a Man if Their Ship Doesn't Happen at hogwartsishome (Term IX)
HiH OTP (with Snape) at hogwartsishome (Term IX)
Best Prefect at hogwartsishome (Term IX)
Peeves Award at hogwartsishome (Term IX)
Filch Award at hogwartsishome (Term IX)
Scales and Feathers Award at hogwartsishome (Term X)
Future Death Eater at hogwartsishome (Term X)
Future Dark Lord/Lady at hogwartsishome (Term X)
Most Likely to be Sent to Azkaban at hogwartsishome (Term X)
Snarkiest HiHer at hogwartsishome (Term X)
HiH OTP (with yaakov and Snape) at hogwartsishome (Term X)
Filch Award at hogwartsishome (Term X)
Runner Up for Most House Pride at hogwartsishome (Term X)
Runner Up for Most Likely to Kill a Man if Their Ship Doesn't Happen at hogwartsishome (Term X)
Scales and Feathers Award at hogwartsishome (Term XI)
Most Likely to be Sent to Azkaban at hogwartsishome (Term XI)
Sirius Black Award for Most Badass Member at hogwartsishome (Term XI)
Snarkiest HiHer at hogwartsishome (Term XI)

100 levels of Deceived Mad Pain COMPLETED

favorite quotes;
"I would rather regret the things I have done than the things I have not." ~ Lucille Ball

"We’re just living so that one day we can die laughing." ~ Gojyo, Saiyuki

"What we want to say is that in life, there are many challenges, some painful, some tough, some that do make you wish you were dead, but you fight your battles, you overcome, and you trudge on, and no matter what comes your way, you live, damnit." ~ Kirito, Pierrot

"I think everyone has a time in their life where they are lost as to which road to take. But, there are things that you can't find out unless you get lost once." ~ Yamashita Tomohisa

"Never offend people with style when you can offend them with substance." ~ Sam Brown

"It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye."
~ Antoine de Saint Exupéry

"And thus I clothe my naked villainy
With old odd ends stolen out of holy writ,
And seem a saint when most I play the devil." ~ William Shakespeare, Richard III

"Dessert and porn are always necessary." - Mikio, Proposal Daisakusen

friending policy;


moodtheme by subliminalicon

cranes for peace.

This is the way the thread ends
This is the way the thread ends
This is the way the thread ends
Not with a First, but a Die In A Fire

CAPSLOCK, 12012,, 80s music, a game of thrones, abingdon boys school, abstract thinking, absurdity, accents, agatha christie, alien loves predator, anaïs nin, anecdata, arashi, argot, asahi, astrology, avp, bones, broken lizard, calvin and hobbes, catharsis, choward's violet, cognitive dissonance, crossword puzzles, cynicism, dark chocolate, david bowie, deatheater porn, deconstruction, depeche mode, dexter, doctor who, dr. tran, eddie izzard, edison chen's dirty pictures, engrish, ephemera, epidemiology, erasure, feeling fresh!, fire candy, fizx, forced assisted suicide, forensic pathology, freaks, get fuzzy, ghost stories, grapefruit mentos, graphic design, harry potter, homestarrunner, hoyay!, imitation pops 宇宙戦隊noiz, improbable island, international pixel-stained technopeasant day, internet memes, iron chef, jdramas, je boys, jpop, jpr0nz, jrock, kevin smith, kyou kara maou!, lm.c, looking for group, lusting after alan rickman, magic:the gathering, mah-jongg, making fun of danrad, mandyism, maynard james keenan, mel brooks, metronome, monty hall paradox, monty python, mst3k, naruto, neologisms, nippon kodo incense, ohmiya, orthography, oshare kei, pansexuality, pastafarianism, pee-wee's playhouse, people-watching, perspective, perversion, pierrot, pop art, pop up video, portmanteau, pr0nz pr0nz uber alles, public transportation, raw red meat, relativity, retroactive continuity, rift, roald dahl, rocky horror picture show, roger federer, roller coasters, rule 34, sam & max, sarcasm, satire, schadenfreude, sev. ♥, sibilance, sinfest, social commentary, social darwinism, sociology, south park, strong bad, subtext, super junior, sushi, t.m.revolution, tahitian treat, that was fucking delicious!, the dandy warhols, the gazette, the smell of ozone, trick photography, trivial pursuit, trufax, type o negative, unabashed geekery, urban decay, visual kei, vitriol, vulgarity, webcomics, wit, witticism, world of warcraft, yamapi, yamapizza, こんばちわ!, ガゼット, 合法ドラッグ, 宇多田ヒカル, , 桜蘭高校ホスト部, 迎え酒, 過労死


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